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Phase 1: Start-up

The most important decisions of the future business are made in the start-up phase of a new company. Plans and decisions made in the beginning determine whether your business will get onto the growth curve of a dynamic or a moderate business.

As an innovator in phase 1, you can find yourself seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What is the market potential of the business idea?
  • How to bring the business idea into action?
  • How much funding is needed, and where to get it?

A business plan is the most important and powerful tool of the start-up phase. It consists of several sub-plans. The business planning can be preceded by a pre-study whose purpose is to determine the market potential of the business idea.


Study of market potential

  • Estimate of the market potential and market competition related to a certain business idea.

Business planning:

Vision, strategy and business model

  • Defining the vision, strategy and business model for the company

Market analysis and analysis of rivals

  • Detection and analysis of business rivals
  • Defining the competitive edge and suitable product positioning
  • Suggestion for the product or service concept and pricing

Marketing and sales plan

  • Defining the target market area and market segments
  • Pricing
  • Strategy and operational plan for sales and marketing

Product development and production plans

  • Schedule and phasing of a development project
  • Resource and contracting plans
  • Financial estimates for product development

Financial plans

  • Estimates of sales and profitability
  • Organisation of the company and the operational budget
  • Financial planning